And the award for out-of-tune singing goes to…

Just pipped to the post is this live performance of Murder on the Dancefloor at Falkirk with pop china-doll Sophie Ellis Bextor.

(Although she can be forgiven: it’s live and she might not have been able to hear the foldback on monitor speakers).

Also in the running for top spot are the perenially unreliable Sugababes in whatever line-up, here with a sterling demonstration of the difficulties of singing close harmony choruses live on radio.

(And just to show their consistency in this field, here’s a delightful performance of their first single, Overload, where not only do they display an astonishing lack of intonation but also terrific immobility).

But the outright winner has to be Lumidee’s 2003 blinder, Never Leave You: for total lack of musicality, it’s never been bettered, in my view. See just how far you can bear to listen in the video below, and jolly well done if you manage to last beyond forty seconds.

Truly painful.

And now, your own nominations.

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