Writing about music: from classical to jazz and everything in between

Hopefully, this blog will do what blogs do best: foment lively discussion and debate about music. Opinions expressed here are here to be shot at: dialogue makes us consider our views and ideas and makes sure we articulate our opinions in a fully-justified manner, and get to the heart of passionate likes and fierce dislikes.

Music is a terrific cultural medium that’s up for grabs: what one likes, another doesn’t. I hope this blog encourages an exchange of ideas and views, and contributes just a little to the great debate about the art-form.

My professional blog (or, rather, the institution for whom I write it), alas, prohibits the expression of intense personal likes and dislikes and the exploration of reasons for them; you’ll find them all here instead.

Contact the blog by e-mail by  clicking here.

(And before you ask, yes, I know for the sake of linguistic accuracy it should be ‘Moments Musicaux.’ Type that into your search engine, and you get a multitude of YouTube videos of the Schubert. Type my title, and you arrive here. Simples!).


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