I’m delighted to read Jessica Duchen’s articulate insight into her lifelong dislike of Bruckner; not just because classical music critics don’t always express their dislikes as often as they ought to (in as justified, well-reasoned terms as I’ve just read) – but because it mirrors my own dislike of Bruckner. And Brahms. And Beethoven.

It’s often frowned upon to admit to such a fierce dislike of a Venerable Old Master; to bash Beethoven or Brahms usually results in having all of your views dismissed, even if they are well-thought through, and supported by reasonsed argument backed up by hours of listening (usually in great boredom). I left a concert recently in the interval, having gone to hear a twentieth-century piece performed by one of the world’s great string quartets, because the second half promised a piece by Beethoven, and life’s really too short for that.


Quid pro quo, Clarice...

So bravo to Duchen’s article.

(Is it me, or does Bruckner look a little Anthony Hopkins-Lecter-esque in this photo, too ?)

Modern music all the way, please. Nothing before 1903!


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