Seasonal anti-Cowell movement

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and to join the annual fight against the Simon Cowell / X Factor cynical manipulation of the charts to get to the Christmas no.1.

In recent years, this has involved Rage Against The Machine and John Cage’s meditation on silence (or ambient noise, depending on your point of view), 4’33” in campaigns heavily backed by Facebook. This year, so incensed are people at Cowell’s battle with the Brighton-based charity ‘Rhythmix,’ (a battle from which Cowell sensibly withdrew: any result would have been a no-win PR situation for the Senseless Cowell PR Juggernaut), that the campaign is to push Nirvana’s anthemic Smells Like Teen Spirit to no 1 ahead of the usual manure from the Cowell Stable.

As reported in today’s Guardian, Nirvana’s record label Universal has announced that it will be releasing a limited-edition 7-inch of the song: campaigners announce this as terrific news of the label’s backing of their campaign, I’m not so sure – surely the label can see lots of a) good publicity renewing interest in a back-catalogue piece and b) lots of money.

Perhaps, though, Universal intends giving some of the proceeds to the charity – otherwise, they’re in a similar position to the famous swimming baby on the cover of ‘Nevermind.’ Perhaps they’ll be making a donation to the charity from the profits made; now that truly would be Christmas cheer…


2 Responses

  1. Christmas really is the time for some dreadful music, isn’t it ? I don’t know which would be worse…

  2. Perhaps Gareth Malone’s Army wives may also offer an alternative – as reported by the BBC!

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