Is Katherine Jenkins really wearing a cardigan ?

Sartorially, I’ve always associated cardigans with the more venerable, aged section of the population, with those seeking comfort over style, for whom warmth and practicality in clothing outweighs the desire to wear something appropriate; which is why I can’t imagine who thought that Katherine Jenkins ought to wear one for the cover of her latest album.

Album coverNo, wait: who thought she ought to wear TWO: I see she’s sporting another one on the homepage of her website.

A quick glance on Google reveals her to have been born in 1980: that makes her a mere thirty-one years old. Not really in the cardigan-wearing sector of the populace – not yet, anyway. And for a sylph-like, glamorous publicity image, shot in peach-hued soft-focus: a cardigan ? Really ?

Who advised her ? Who dressed her for these photoshoots ? And are they still working for her ? And is she secretly being sponsored by M&S ?


4 Responses

  1. She is being marketed toward the older audience, I think – the type that watch Alan Titchmarsh’s chat show!

  2. Cardigans are the way forward Tom… keep up!

    • Sorry, I dropped my cocoa over my slippers and dressing-gown whilst watching ‘The Antiques Roadshow,’ so surprised was I.

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