Lyrics ruined: Jean Michel Jarre’s Zoolook

You know how it is: a friend suggests to you an alternative hearing (or ‘mis-hearing,’ perhaps) of some pop lyrics that you’ve known well all your life hitherto, and from then on, you just can’t hear those same lyrics any other way.

A bassoon-playing friend of mine shared a liking for early Jean Michel Jarre, but totally ruined my experience of the first track of his 1984 release, Zoolook, when she said, ”Ah, the voice in the background is saying ‘Please pass me a liqourice allsort!”

Now, I’m not sure what the sampled voice is saying on the track, but I’m pretty sure Jean Michel Jarre isn’t talking about his favourite confectionery in the album

Listen for yourself: it’s impossible NOT to hear ‘liquorice allsort” now, isn’t it ? The sample returns at different pitches (the first instance is at 25” in the clip below), but it’s now inescapably talking about sweets.

(And wherever you are, Sam Gurney: you’ve ruined Zoolook for me for ever!).

What lyrics have been ruined for you ?


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  1. I hear it!

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