Health Warning

The next person who says to me, “Oh, I love jazz: I’m really into Michael Bublé’ is going to get killed. Several times over.

Do you feel lucky...

They MAY say, “Oh, I LOVE jazz, AND I also happen to listen to Michael Bublé,’ in the same way as they may say ‘Oh, I love good opera singers AND I’m also really into Russell Watson,’ or ‘I like human beings AND Alan Sugar;’ OR they may say ‘I love Easy Listening / Crooning, HENCE I’m really into Michael Bublé.’

Those are the only permutations that are acceptable.

Got it ?


3 Responses

  1. Oh, and I was absolutely sick of his massacre of Cry Me A River as the BBC used the intro to hype that year’s Winter Olympics.

  2. Michael Buble looks like a thin Chris Moyles and sounds autotuned no matter what he sings. I’m convinced he has shares in Real Radio as this local radio station never goes a Sunday dinnertime without playing ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’.

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