Does Cee Lo’s bass-player listen to Jaco ?

Cee Lo Green’s Forget You brought me up short the other day (the radio-friendly edit, that is): I couldn’t believe what I was hearing (in a good way).

You see, the track ticks along in a jolly, if not particularly riveting, manner, until the bridge section (2′ 46” in the video below); at this point, there’s a moment at which the bass-player, like a jailed convict suddenly noticing the door to the prison has momentarily been left ajar, forgets himself and makes a sudden dash for freedom with some astonishing decorative figures in a line that, hitherto, has just chugged along in an unassuming fashion.

Listen to the embellishments around 2’56” and then later at 3’05”; what on earth ? And, more importantly, why on earth hasn’t he done this at other points throughout the song ? It would have lifted it above the simply ‘not bad’ into the realms of ‘actually, there’s something really interesting going on here…’

Listen and see what you think: is he a secret jazz-bass player who briefly remembers his Jaco Pastorious ?

(The other, album- and radio-UNfriendly version of the song, is more entertaining; what a joy for backing-singers, to be able to pop up and sing with perfect diction and intonation ”ain’t that some sh*t!’ at 1’36”.’ Genius.) You can see that video here.


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